Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Interview: Russell on "Snark Infested Waters"

Want to hear some of the dirt behind Revelations? Or how and why I use sex in many of my stories? These and many other topics are discussed by Taylor Kent and me on Monday's Snark Infested Waters. Taylor is a cool guy and talented interviewer, with enthusiasm to spare, and I had a ball talking with him. I hope you'll check it out. Just don't give me too hard a time about my inability to complete a sentence or thought. Thank you Taylor!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Episode 37: Sedation

Today I present a southern-fried tale called Sedation. Much love goes out to Kelly for her wonderful performance of this piece!

Gotta share the love, too, with the percussion ensemble from North Carolina who performed the intro poem. Man, that was just beyond cool! Thank you, Dave, for hitting me with that joint. I promise I will never tell another "drummer" joke again. Well, for a week at least. Unless I hear a really good one.

After the story in this show, I mentioned that Kelly and I appeared in the latest episode of Barfly, in a story called "I Never" by Will Ross. I posted about it here last week, so you can scroll down the page a bit to find out a little more. I really hope you'll check it out.

Finally, I gave a well deserved nod to Phil Rossi for becoming Grand Poobah of the first season of the Pickle Tales storytelling competition presented by Podcast Pickle. I didn't participate, but I sure enjoyed listening.

I think that covers everything. Thanks, everyone, for listening. See you soon!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Kelly and Russell Appear on Barfly!

Hey guys, just wanted to drop a note here to let you know that Kelly and I performed voices for the latest episode of Barfly- "I Never." It is a very moving, dark story, and I really think you'll enjoy. So listen, and see if you think I'll ever win an Academy Award. Or listen just because you want to hear my wife offer up her sweet, sweet loving to another guy.

Barfly is a great anthology of stories by Will Ross of Smart Bomb Radio. I highly recommend both shows- Will is consistently one of the funniest, most poignant, and most clever voices in podcasting, and Kelly and I were thrilled to be asked to lend our voices to this story. I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Episode 36: Bowl Full - Conclusion

Today I present the conclusion to Bowl Full. If you didn't hear part one last week, be sure to check it out first. And for those of you, like me, that completely disregard my numbering system, this is really show number FIFTY! Much love goes out to all of you who keep listening to and supporting CLMW.

Our intro today comes from, Chris Hvidsten (damn, I hope I spelled that last name correctly). If you listen to Scott Sigler or J.C. Hutchins, then you might recognize his name. Thank you, Chris! And I've just got to say that the laugh near the end of your reading seemed a little too realistic. You might want to seek help. Of course, who am I to recommend psychological counseling?

Remember, you can always let me know what you thought of the story through the comments below. I hope you enjoy!