Sunday, July 22, 2007

Epsiode 47: Master of the House

Master of the House, the topic of which is the second of three listener requested subjects, is now available to be aurally perused.

Today our intro reading comes from Pamela, who was badgered into doing it by Matt of the Off Topic Talk Podcast. Thank you, guys, for a great performance of the poem!

Also, this episode marks the long awaited return of Kelly to CLMW! Thank you, Kelly, for an outstanding performance. (Now, my love, I officially release you to go back to discovering who all dies in book 7 of HP.)

Whew!!! I'll be blunt, now. This episode whipped my ass. I guess around two hundred audio edits will do that to a person. But I think it turned out well. I hope you enjoy!

Web player for this episode:

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Episode 46: The Hole

The Hole is now available for download. I hope you enjoy!

Our creepy introduction for this episode comes courtesy of Jody and Chris. Thank you so much!

And a huge THANK YOU goes out as well to all of you who gave feedback on the last episode as to what type of horror story you'd like to see next. Your wish is my command- and will be for the next two episodes as well.

Listen right from the web here: