Monday, September 04, 2006

Episode 25: Author Question and Answer

The Question and Answer Show is complete. I had such a great response from you guys that the show runs nearly an hour! I really hope you enjoy, it was a blast answering the questions. Thank you for sending them in! And I'd also like to give a big shout of gratitude to my wife Kelly for helping me out with this episode. I really think she made it much better than it would have been otherwise.

Oh, here are the links to the podcasts I mention during the show:

Point of Inquiry

Scott Sigler

J.C. Hutchins

Escape Pod


Wasting Time at Work

Keith and the Girl


TWIT (This Week in Tech)

I Should Be Writing

Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy

Once again, thanks for listening, and rest assured I'll be back to bringing the fiction on the next episode!


Anonymous Kelly said...

Thank you, Russell, for giving me the chance to come back and join in all the fun with Come, Let me whisper. It was great fun! Also, I would like to thank all the listeners! Without you, I would not have the chance to give Russell heck in podicast form. Just kidding. Again, I am looking forward to coming back on board for future episodes.
Everyone keep listening and Russell – Please keep writing!

3:50 PM, September 04, 2006  
Anonymous laieanna said...

Yay! Thank you for answering my questions. It's nice getting in the head of another writer and seeing what is the same and different from myself. And now we know a little more about you. Soon we'll all be buddies. I'm feeling more like a group already. Awww! =P

And it was nice getting to know your wife too. Way to go, Kelly. I look forward to her doing the girlie parts. I'm sorry Russell, but I think she does them a tad bit better than you. Just a tad though.

8:39 PM, September 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your answers (and for not speaking with a thick southern accent).


12:28 PM, September 12, 2006  
Blogger KnitWitch said...

Lots of fun and great questions. Always fun to listen to what makes your favorite authors tick.

Looking forward to hearing Kelly read again on 'Taint'. Thanks Kelly for stepping in as questioner on this epiisode, was fun to hear you two together...

Ya know every once and again, it'sd be nice if you just let the accent run free in an episode or story. Some of us other supressed-accent-southerners would love it!

6:39 PM, September 19, 2006  

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