Saturday, October 28, 2006

Episode 29: Margaret

Allow me to introduce you to Margaret. We've got another great intro poem performance this week, this time from Matt of the Off Topic Talk Podcast. The creepy music he used is from "Secret Hallways" by Aaron Rathbun, and comes courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network. Great job Matt, and thanks again!

As I mentioned at the end of the episode, I'm giving away a free copy of my novel REVELATIONS. I stole the idea of how to pick the winner of the give-away from Jack Mangan of Jack Mangan's Deadpan, but he's a cool guy, and I don't think he'll mind.

So, all you have to do is post in the comments below how you found out about Come, Let Me Whisper, and then in two weeks, while I'm recording the show, I'll randomly select one of the posts as the winner by rolling some dice. This is open to everyone, even if you've told me in the past how you found out about the show (which is really cool), and even if I have to ship the thing internationally!

You don't have to provide any contact information below, but please be sure to use a unique name when you post so that we'll be clear on who the winner is when I announce it. I can't wait to hear from you!

Happy Halloween, I hope you enjoy the story!


Blogger Al said...

Hi, great tale and just for kickers it happens that my neighbors have a daughter named Margaret (Maggie) who will never henceforth be looked on quite the same by me.

I found you very early on on podiobooks but I listen to you now from your site. You wrote a story that totally creeped me out because I live on the water in Rhode Island and our backyard is always visited by cranes and herons and other water fowl. The story was the Watchbird . It still is my favorite and comes to mind frequently as I gaze out the windows. I even have developed the habit of mentally naming any solitary bird perched on the dock as the Watchbird. Thanks for many great hours of freaky fun. Happy Halloween!

al saiz

10:30 AM, October 29, 2006  
Anonymous Andrew Hennegan (AKA Craybe) said...


I love the show I found out about it from (which I found out about from the Dragon Page) when you posted the original series. Once that ended I went looking for you actual podcast and I'm always looking forward to the next show!

Love the horror, keep it coming.


Ancrew Hennegan
(Aka Craybe from Brisvagas Australia)

9:52 PM, October 29, 2006  
Blogger Ing said...

I wish you posted every day, russell! You are the man! Can't wait to listen to Margaret. I found out about your through itunes...did a search for horror in podcasts. Dude, so glad I did!
ing :)

3:45 PM, October 30, 2006  
Blogger oberonix said...

I found you on, favorite story is the physicist. Keep up the good work.


4:45 PM, October 30, 2006  
Anonymous Vicen said...

Hey Russ. I kinda found out about ur podcast completely by accident. I was in iTunes searching with random words to find something that i hadnt heard on other podcasts. I saw yours on the list but the picture of the finger with bone comeing out freaked me out a bit and I was looking for comedy anyway so i passed by. A couple days later I started listening to Scott Sigler book Infection. I liked it and thought that theres gotta more stuff like this. So i searched a bit and found 7th Son. Over to the right is where they have the list of what people who listened to this liked, and i just clicked on random ones. needless to say i got into some kinda dark ones, which is why im subscribed to a podcast called Shadowdance, a pagan podcast (Im not a pagan), but they have some pretty smart discussions so i stayed subscribed. ANYWAY, one of them i found there was yours, and i was like, iv seen this creepy finger before. So i downloaded one episode, liked it, downloaded every episode and revelations, loved em. been a fan since. my favorates are the giver or the watchbird. srry bout the tangent, im tired

11:30 PM, October 30, 2006  
Blogger Peter said...

you know, my podcatcher's fraged so I'm rather glad that I decided to come by and check on you!
let's see... I'm pretty sure I saw CLMW when it showed up on, but have been subscribed to your blogger feed since sometime before you released Revelations. My favorite episode(s) would have to be the four-part Casey's Sacrifice story. And I'd like my prize signed, please.

5:26 AM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Guzzy said...

Hey Russell,

I did a search for horror fiction on Itunes and came accross your podcast... Also, wanted to let you know that loved the stories "The Giver" and "Veneer".

Thanks for putting those out there for us, Eric

12:53 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I came across CLMW searching podiobooks for Lovecraftian horror stories. When I saw the enigmatic title of the show I decided I had to check it out. I started by listening to Work Ethics and was immediately caught by Russel's talent. Thank you for providing us many moments of horror.

Lisbon, Portugal

1:15 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Russell,
I found Come, Let Me Whisper through an iTunes music store search. Glad I did. So what happened to Benjamin Bunny? I was enjoying the hell out of that one, and you just cut it off. Bummer. I was waiting to see exactly who he was going to slaughter. :)
-Texas George

1:41 PM, November 01, 2006  
Anonymous laieanna said...

Ohhh....sneaky. Great way to see who all is listening to your podcast without fully demanding they all line up and post to you just so you can get a head count. I like it!

I'm glad I read these cause I went brain dead on where I found you. It was definitely After I ran through all yours I was pissed they didn't have other dark fantasy, but lo and behold...I found your site. Woohoo! Now I'm a full fledge fan.

When I win your book...and I WILL win it...*mind powers at work* I want it signed. I demand you not forget me (one of the little people) when you become famous.


4:44 PM, November 01, 2006  
Blogger Ray said...

Hi Russell-

I found "Come Let Me Whisper" through Itunes podcast directory while looking up "short story". I kind of fancy myself somewhat of a writer and like to hear other writers share their talents whenever I get the chance.

Very glad I found your site. I look forward to your new posts and stories. Big fan, big fan.

(aka stolensoap)

9:52 PM, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous Trish said...

I found out about Come, Let Me Whisper through the itunes podcast section while looking for some interesting stories to listen to. I found yours and instantly subscribed after listening to only one episode. I really love listening to your tales of the macabe, though I must admit, I am a little behind with your releases, though I am catching up. I'm so glad I took the time to listen to your podcast.

10:24 PM, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous Adam Mercer said...

Had a back log of podcasts to listen to, so I've just caught up with CLMW. I originally found the podcast through, but now subscribe to the blogspot feed.

Keep up the good work!

11:39 PM, November 07, 2006  
Anonymous Tom K said...

Hey Russell. Like several others, it seems, I found your original CLMW collection on and searched for more. I really wanted something off-the-wall (not your standard audiobook) because I listen to so many on my long commute. CLMW sure satisfies! The Siglers of the world are fine, but you're much more unique. Which is why I'd like a copy of your novel ;)

2:22 PM, November 08, 2006  
Anonymous The Falcon Factoress said...

This is so cool.
Okay. I totally accidentally found CLMW on iTunes and downloaded it to my iPod last year (around Christmas, I think???). I didn't get a chance actually to listen to it (being the mother of a two-year-old) until several months later when I was on a plane, travelling to Italy, while chaperoning a group of high-school kids on a spring-break trip. I immediately fell in love with the writing style (I am (okay, WAS)an English teacher--picky about writing styles) and was hooked.
I started Revelations last summer while driving cross-country (during the move from HELL),and I am now a definite fan.
Fantastically creative, admirably cerebral and totally unpredictable---where can you find writing like that anymore?

7:06 PM, November 08, 2006  
Anonymous Kelly said...

Cool responses! Keep up the good work...even if it does give me nightmares, daymares, etc. -Kelly ;-)

7:57 PM, November 08, 2006  

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